Free Resources for Employers

We know that SME business leaders have a lot on their minds. From strategy to budgets, and marketing to operations, recruiting the right people at the right time to deliver the work and help grow the business is just one of many competing priorities.

Here are a range of tools and resources the team at Talent Blueprint have developed to help make the process of building your team a little bit easier.

The Talent Blueprint 5 Step Recruitment Blueprint

From scoping the role to onboarding your new team member, discover the five steps to successful recruitment for Construction, Engineering, and Energy & Resource SMEs.

The Talent Blueprint Guide to Writing a Great Position Description

You’ve decided to create a new role in your business and know that you need to write a comprehensive and compelling position description – but where do you start? Download the Talent Blueprint Guide to Writing a Great Position Description to help get you started.

Sample Interview Guide for Employers: Interviewing Shortlisted Candidates

You’ve promoted your role, qualified the long list, and now have a short list of preferred candidates to interview. Not all interviews will be the same but there will need to be some level of consistency in the questions you plan to ask the different candidates. Use our Sample Interview Guide to help plan what questions you’ll ask your shortlisted candidates in the interview.

Successfully Onboarding New Team Members: A Guide for Employers

Your onboarding process is the first impression an employee will get about what it’s going to be like to work in your company, your overall company culture, and how you treat your team. Download our onboarding guide to help you make the best first impression to new employees.

Conducting New Starter Reviews During the First Six Months: A Guide for Employers

Undertaking structured new starter performance and feedback reviews is critical for both employers and new team members. Download our guide for ideas on how to conduct your week one, week four and week twelve reviews with new employees.

Discover our 5 Step Blueprint to hiring top talent in the Construction and Engineering Sector in Australia.