Building your team,

At Talent Blueprint we help build great teams for small-to-medium business owners & leaders in the construction, engineering, energy & resources sectors.

SME leaders have a lot on their minds. Recruiting the right people at the right time to deliver the work and help grow the business is just one of many competing priorities.

When you’re short on time and short of candidates but in need of people, poor recruitment can be extremely costly – not just financially, but also culturally for the team.

Michael Berger and the Talent Blueprint team know from experience that SME leaders don’t need a recruiter that plays a numbers game. They need a recruiter they can trust who will help build great teams, together.

Build Your Team

From detailed search and selection for senior leaders and technical roles to engaging contractors to help you ramp up quickly, we can help.

Job Search

Looking to join a new team? We can help match you with the role and company that’s right for you.

Our Recruitment Model

We’re focused on finding your best candidate, not our best commission. Discover the Talent Blueprint model.

Our Clients

A selection of clients who trust us to help them build their teams.

Our Key Industries

We don’t believe in being all things to all people. Instead, we specialise in masterplanning top talent for SME’s who work in the built environment. You could say that we help build the teams that build Australia.

While our construction and engineering sector focus is niche, the permanent and contractor positions we recruit are diverse – from CEOs and senior executives to senior operations managers and maintenance team members.



Energy & Resources

Discover our 5 Step Blueprint to hiring top talent in the Construction and Engineering Sector in Australia.

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