Who we are

Small-to-medium business leaders have a lot on their minds.

From strategy to budgets, marketing to operations, recruiting the right people at the right time to deliver the work and help grow the business is just one of many competing priorities.

Poor recruitment usually happens when you’re short on time and short of candidates but in need of people. It can be extremely costly – not just financially, but also culturally for the team. But selecting a recruitment partner can feel equally overwhelming, particularly if you’ve had a bad experience with recruiters in the past. How do you find someone that has great processes and great connections, but also has your back?

This is why Michael Berger first started Talent Blueprint in 2014 – to go into bat for people who run their own businesses. With a background recruiting for large organisations on panel agreements, Michael knew that SME business owners don’t need a recruiter that plays a numbers game. They need a recruiter they can trust who will help build great teams, together.

While our construction, engineering, resources and energy sector recruitment focus is niche, the permanent and contractor positions we recruit for are diverse – from CEOs to senior operations managers and maintenance team members.
What does it feel like for Talent Blueprint to be part of your team?

Understood and supported

Our relationships with our clients are not transactional. We give the time, to get the return. We also deeply understand the construction and engineering industry – according to our client David O’Donnell ‘many recruiters say this, but Talent Blueprint actually does.’

You can rely on us, and trust us to deliver, even in the most challenging markets. We don’t just rely on luck. Our client Jonathan Smith says that we ‘do a great job of vetting candidates so the process takes less time and is also good value. They care about both sides of the equation.’

We’ll deliver results, but also a great experience. We’re flexible in how we work together, as we know that the traditional recruitment model (% of salary fee) doesn’t suit everyone. That’s why we have so many long-term clients, and work primarily from referrals.