Top 3 tips for jobseekers during COVID-19

Whilst the present time is extremely uncertain, there is one thing we know for sure and that’s how we choose to respond.

A time like this can be extremely daunting for new jobseekers however we are here to help. Now, grab a notepad or take a mental note as we explore the top tips, that you as a jobseeker, can start implementing immediately.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 tips for jobseekers during COVID-19:

1. Get your digital profile + traditional resume looking tip-top

Firstly, do you have a professional LinkedIn profile picture?

From a recruiter’s perspective, we are looking for resumes & digital profiles that are clear and to-the-point. You must outline your most relevant experience and any key achievements you have made. This will paint a picture as to why you are the right fit. If you need some inspiration there are plenty of online guides for this topic.

Remember that in most cases when you apply to a job, you will go into a database and might be searchable for other roles so make sure you have plenty of relevant keywords that represent your skills & experience.

Express on your profile that you are open to opportunities (both contract or temp roles).

2. Engage with your existing network

Over the course of your career you have built an empire of contacts, this is your chance to engage with that network. Use LinkedIn, old business cards and industry groups. Check-in with old industry peers, colleagues and mentors, see how they are getting on and whether they know of anyone who is recruiting.

Make sure they know you are open to contracts, part-time or temp roles. Being proactive leads to goodwill and you may end up in the right place at the right time.

3. Connect with new contacts in your industry – introduce yourself

Step outside your comfort zone and start connecting with industry peers that you may know but haven’t met. Again, you can use LinkedIn, old business cards, industry groups or even the delegates list from the last conference you attended. People generally appreciate those who take initiative and will try their best to help you. You might just form a new contact who then introduces you to their network.

Stay on track and stay motivated jobseekers. Start to explore these avenues and see where they take you. Be open minded and step outside your comfort zone. The rewards will come. If you’d like more tips or advice please feel free to get in touch with me or my team, at