“Please note, only successful candidates will be contacted”​: Employers, don’t make this mistake.

You write an advert full of superlatives about how great your company is and how exciting the opportunity will be.

You then spend time and money running a campaign to encourage a range of job seekers to get excited and jump through the hoops you set for them to apply.

And then………………………..you leave them hanging. No response to their application, or worse, no response after an initial long-list or short-list interview.

In my opinion, this is what this practice says about your business:

  • We don’t value your time, only our own.
  • We don’t realise that technology exists which enables us to easily send unsuccessful emails to 100’s of candidates with a couple clicks.
  • We don’t have an open mind that one day you might be perfect for another role in the company.

Getting back to candidates is important not only because it’s respectful but because it sends the impression that even though they were unsuccessful this time, you may consider them in the future.

Life and recruitment is about making friends, not enemies. Do yourself a favour and get back to ALL applicants because they might just be your next employee, client or supplier.

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