Process Flow


Process Flow provides practical, quality focused engineering, construction and commissioning solutions to industry in New Zealand and Australia.

Through its outstanding reputation for delivery in the Queensland Coal Seam Gas industry they were presented with an opportunity to provide commissioning resources to a Gas Plant commissioning project for Origin Energy.

The challenge was to attract, recruit and onboard 15 Electrical and Instrument professionals for a 3-month project. Timeframes were extremely tight and we were given 14 days to have the resources recruited, full on-boarded and on-site.


Talent Blueprint worked against the clock in partnership with Process Flow to identify the additional resources. We led a rapid response contingent workforce campaign that firstly targeted our established professional networks both online and from our rich internal database. We also launched a simultaneous campaign across social media, professional networking sites, industry forums and general job boards.

Assessment and selection followed and the four key pillars were – Proven ability to perform the tasks, Qualifications & licenses that meet the strict standards of the gas industry, proven ability to work in a team and finally, demonstrated experience that they have the capacity to handle the great FIFO challenge. (e.g. time away from family, isolation, deadlines)


15 competent Electrical and Instrument professionals’ were recruited, on boarded, fully compliant and arrived on site within 10 days of the start of the campaign. All of the professional contractors served the contract length without issue. Process flow successfully completed their assignment, their client was ecstatic and it has furthered their reputation of being an organisation that delivers quality results, on time and to budget.

We would love to take on any recruitment challenge you might have.