Hall Contracting


Hall Contracting is Australia’s largest privately owned dredging, civil and marine construction company with offices in South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia.

It is a family owned business and was established in 1946 on the Sunshine Coast. It employee’s over 200 people and its growth has been down to its first class projects driven by a strong commitment to providing every client with a world-class experience, Hall’s recruitment was largely done by line managers assisted by support administration staff and the inevitable use of costly external agencies that charged large lump sum fees.

The challenge was to:

  • Free up their key managers time to focus on their core duties
  • Design & drive a structured and predictable recruit to hire process that managers can tap into as if it was an internal team.
  • Establish an end to end recruitment process including branding & communications, a website careers page with active jobs, talent pooling in key areas and the establishment of a talent database to record & develop relationships with the jobseeker community.


Talent Blueprint conducted in-depth interviews with key management to establish the key employee value proposition and an understanding of each manager’s approach to recruitment, the DNA of their greatest employee’s and their up and coming projects.

  • Structured Recruit to hire process
    Talent Blueprint Implemented its structured and pro-active 9 step gated recruitment process into Hall Contracting. This has been designed exclusively for engineering and construction firms over more than a decade of refinement. Each key stakeholder was briefed about the process and we established his or her desired level of influence at each point.
  • Talent Database
    A talent database was set up to automatically record all incoming candidates to the company whether they come from advertising, through the Hall Website or from existing staff who were approached by friend’s families or associates. Rather than starting each job from scratch there is great potential candidates that were applying to previous jobs, expressions of interest and this became the first point of call. Talent develops and matures over the years and this database is the first port of call when a new role arises. Why go looking across the globe for the best when they have previously applied to you and live down the street!
  • Branding & Professional Content
    We believe that all recruitment communications needs to be treated like marketing collateral. It needs to represent the company’s values, image and want to capture people’s imagination to get on board. Talent Blueprint created a talent map in conjunction with key managers to determine the most critical roles to Hall’s future success. This helped identify the most effective communication channels to use to promote the brand and influence potential talent to consider a career at Hall Contracting. Talent Blueprint then developed a suite of marketing material including press advertising templates & online job descriptions and company summaries.
  • Careers Page on Website
    Talent Blueprint developed a stand-alone careers page on the existing Hall Contracting website that would help to convert the right people visiting the site into applicants. All recruitment communications promote the Hall brand which in turn drives traffic to the website and the analytics enabled constant campaign performance monitoring.


  • Structured Recruit to hire approach.
  • Professionally run recruitment campaigns that reach a wider target market via multi channel job boards and social media
  • Full Access to the latest sourcing tools.
  • Benefits of an independent expert technical recruitment firm that acts like your internal team
  • A Talent Database that forms the first port of call for Talent prior to advertising externally.
  • Vastly reduced spend on external agencies
  • No permanent overheads in terms of staff

We would love to take on any recruitment challenge you might have.