Brightwater Engineering


Brightwater Engineering is widely recognised as a leading innovative engineering solutions provider to Australasia’s Resources, Industrial Energy, Quarry & Minerals sectors.

After securing a series of large bulk material handling projects across Australia it was clear that internal resources would be tested and the need to supplement their existing workforce with additional skilled contractors would be required.

The challenge was to secure 5 mechanical engineers and drafters with bulk materials handling experience on a contractual basis to work out of the Brightwater Engineering design office in New Zealand.


Talent Blueprint conducted a detailed & proactive search of the east coast Australian market for talented engineers and drafters that not only possessed the required bulk materials handling experience but as importantly would be committed to a long term 6 month project that would require extended periods of time in NZ away from friends and family.

The Interview & assessment techniques used by Talent Blueprint come to the fore on an assignment like his for several reasons. While it may be easier to identify that an individual has relevant experience to be considered for this type of role it is more difficult to assess there genuine readiness to work and live away from home for the course of the project. A combination of behavioral based interviewing, personality profiling and detailed industry reference checking allowed us to make an informed decision on traits and behaviors about staying the course.

Onboarding and payroll – Once the talented individuals have been selected the job was far from finished. Talent Blueprint handled the complete contractor management process allowing the client to.


Skilled engineers and drafters successful recruited and on boarded for project kick-off. Complete payroll and compliance handled by Talent Blueprint. Brightwater acquired skilled resources unavailable internally or locally to provide innovative solutions for their client and have the added flexibility at short notice to reduce head count as project nears completion without issues around permanent staff.

We would love to take on any recruitment challenge you might have.