Top 10 Tips for Job Hunters on Communicating with Recruiters

1. Be clear, honest and realistic about the next step in your career and your salary expectations.

2. Be flexible – move things around to make yourself available for interviews, don’t make the client move things for you.

3. Return calls straight away. MIA makes recruiters nervous.

4. Start an activity spreadsheet – what, when and who you have applied to:

  • Limit the number of agencies you attempt to form a relationship with
  • Research, ask around and find the 3 best individuals who are the “guns” in your field
  • Meet them and keep in touch every 8-10 days if nothing is happening specifically

5. Contract work in your field- Is there any available that you can do in the short term whilst you are waiting for a long-term role?

6. Location – where are you willing to work?  Be clear, honest and realistic about the next step in your career. If you don’t seriously believe you are ready and willing to work away or relocate, don’t say you are.

7. Control your CV – tell the agencies they must grant your permission.

8. Don’t apply for every job you see – it’s not going to help.

9. Do tailor your CV to the role you are applying for- This way the Recruiter knows you have read the job ad, and that you tick the required boxes.

10. Recruiter Relationship – Work together. Are your chances better if they represent you?