4 Hallmarks of an Engineering Resume destined for the bin

Righto.  I am going to tell you it straight here so excuse me if I am a bit direct (but as your parents once said, it’s in your best interests!)  After 16 years of recruiting in the Engineering and Construction sector around the world I have read thousands of resumes. These are my top 4 ways to avoid the bin early.

  1. Stop the fluff – get to the good stuff. Show me quickly your proven experience, your proven track record in delivering what I want to see. Solve my problem, don’t create one.
  1. 4 Pages max – Do I have to say anything else? Your CV is a brochure; it’s not an operations manual.
  1. Applying for Jobs that seem a massive step backwards/sideways/forward. Recruitment is all about the right fit. E.g. If you have been a Project Director or PM in the recent past and now you are applying for a site engineer role – I am concerned about you.  My first thoughts are what went wrong, what’s happened?
  1. Using graphic heavy logos, cringe worthy quotes, clip art or emoji’s. Hey, I don’t mind the odd sprinkle of colour or even a project photo if it tells me something but moderation is the key.

Michael Berger is the Director of Talent Blueprint, a Brisbane based consultancy focused on partnering with clients to provide a true competitive advantage through talent acquisition that does not cost the earth. Contact Michael Berger at Talent Blueprint on 0438 444 919 or +61 7 3172 7726.

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