Top 3 resume writing tips for Engineers

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital your CV is as strong as possible. There is no such thing as a standard format, but by applying some simple strategies you can write a winning resume.

A resume is a brochure that summarizes who you are, what you’ve done in your career and how well you’ve done. The resume is designed predominately as a “door opener” for you. The resume is designed to promote two-way discussions between the interviewer and the interviewee and foremost it should be a “selling or marketing” document rather than simply a clinical record of your career history.

Top 3 resume writing tips for Engineers

  1. Make it Tangible. Engineers love numbers that mean something. Instead of saying “I managed the design team which delivered XYZ project. Say “ I managed a 10 person design team made of 7 civil and 3 structural engineers who delivered the XYZ project 3 months ahead of schedule”
  2. Make it relevant – stay on topic for the employer your writing the resume/cover letter. E.g. dedicating half a page of your CV to the fact you like collecting spoons, playing pool or walking your dog is not helping me solve my project staffing shortage. (Apologies, no disrespect to spoon collectors intended)
  3. 4 pages – write a CV over this length and you’re starting to give me reasons to through it in the bin. I have another 80 CV’s to go through.

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