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Client Land Solutions
Skills 1 x Registerd Surveyor | 2 x GIS technicians

Project Description


Land Solutions are Surveying consultants with expertise in surveying, spatial information and project management. Our challenge was to recruit and payroll three contractors to compliment existing staff and deliver a series of current projects. (1xRegisterd Surveyor, 2xGIS technicians)


Defining the role, the project and the overall deliverables for the position is the crucial first step in any recruitment process. After sitting down with senior staff at Land Solutions we defined the need for an experienced registered surveyor that could work autonomously & run there own job with little guidance from management. The GIS technicians on the other hand would be working with existing permanent staff and be handling the spillover brought about by competing projects. Early to mid career experience would be ideal.

While running an active campaign across all mediums the key to success on these assignments was industry knowledge. The recent resources drive across Australia engaged large amounts of GIS technicians and land surveyors however with both sectors slowing dramatically there were available resources being made available.
We networked extensively in this talent community to find out who were the performers and tapped into passive candidates coming to the end of their tenures on major resource projects.


Contractors were identified, recruited and pay rolled by Talent Blueprint on time and to budget for a period of 16 – 18 weeks. All contractors completed their assignments and allowed Land Solutions to ride out the project peak without needing to take on additional permanent staff. This also served as an ideal way to trial the selected individuals for a future position’s with the firm.

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