The traditional Recruitment pricing model for permanent hire’s is dysfunctional and archaic. For owners of SME engineering & Constructions businesses there is simply too little to tie the delivery or result to a price point which reflects good value.

At Talent Blueprint, we have used evidence from other services based industries that have evolved their pricing structure to change the game in respect to “value for money” and to facilitate a better way to work together for the common goal, top talent for your firm.

94% Offer to Acceptance

All our candidates are motivated to work for you & negotiations are dealt with upfront.

How We Work With You

  1. Let’s Talk – Understanding your goal is everything.
  2. Design – tailored proposal outlining strategy & the fixed cost to unlock the right candidate.
  3. Delivery – Proactive campaigns that target passive candidates
  4. Result – Best available talent at the right time to suit your company

Who This Service Is For

Any Engineering, technical, consultancy or construction firm that is looking for:

  • Real Value for money compared to lump sum traditional recruitment fee’s
  • An industry specialist recruiter who knows the industry
  • Passive candidates – The best of the best need a one on one approach.
  • Guaranteed Results – If we fail to deliver quality candidates, don’t pay us.

Did You Know?

“At most companies, people spend 2% of their time recruiting and 75% managing their recruiting mistakes.” Richard Fairbank

96% Permanent Placements

Successfully pass 6 month probation with host employer.

Investment Approach

In the same way an engineer would price a project, or a construction firm would estimate a lump sum project, we have changed the game in terms of a pricing model for permanent recruitment.

Based on years of experience we estimate the recruiter hours to be spent on each assignment plus any additional inputs to provide a fixed fee at vastly reduced rates up to 70% off the traditional model.

Full service Permanent recruitment can start from as little as $2,385. We offer guaranteed Results – If we fail to deliver the quality, please don’t pay us.


We would love to take on any recruitment challenge you might have.

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Our Services Permanent Contract Partnership
Role Definition tick4 tick4 tick4
Creation of Job Description tick4 tick4 tick4
Advertising strategies & placement tick4 tick4 tick4
Innovative Candidate Management tool tick4 tick4 tick4
Phone Screening & active engagement tick4 tick4 tick4
Passive candidate headhunting tick4 tick4 tick4
Video Interviewing Technology tick4 tick4 tick4
In Person interviewing tick4 tick4 tick4
Checks and Assessments tick4 tick4 tick4
Full contractor payroll solutions   tick4 tick4
Online and mobile time sheeting platform   tick4 tick4
Salary packaging for contractors   tick4 tick4
Set up & Manage Active Careers Page     tick4
24 hours incoming candidate phone service     tick4
Set up & Management Candidate database     tick4