Contract Recruitment Solutions

Whether you need recruitment solutions for one or multiple vacancies, short-term or long-term projects, city based or remote, you can depend on BlueTech Recruitment to be your dedicated contract hire recruitment expert. We have a discipline specific and candidate relationship database that can assist us identify the specific talent you require, meaning we can support you through all phases of your project.

Please Contact Talent Blueprint and begin to understand the benefits that contract recruitment can provide your business.

Candidate Focused

Our candidates have established relationships with BlueTech Recruitment and rely on us to help them find their next job, career guidance and general advice about potential employment choices. We focus on contractor retention so we can offer our contractors long-term career opportunities and so we can provide our clients with relationships based on strong common bonds and experience.

Client Focused

approached by some of the most well qualified professionals in the industry when their assignments are nearing completion – so we can look ahead on their behalf and make the perfect match between them and your business.

Your devoted Talent Blueprint account manager will take time to thoroughly understand your company culture and job requirements so they can recommend candidates that will be a truly perfect fit.