23 February 2017

Recruitment is like fishing

When most businesses start the recruitment process, they HOPE and PRAY they will catch a BLUE MARLIN. The strongest, shiniest, and highest performing fish in the ocean.

Sadly, the majority are faced with a final selection headache between the Flathead and the Clownfish.

There are three main reasons why this occurs time and time again:


1. Failure to invest the appropriate TIME in the process.

To catch the best, you need to priorities recruitment time. A good strategy and preparation is important. E.g. Posting a single job ad and only checking the applications after 20 or 30 days is like leaving a baited hook sitting in the same spot. You need to check it, change locations, is it working, edit the advert or change the bait.

2. Lack the EXPERTISE.

To catch and land a Blue Marlin you need the right equipment; you need to know where they live and how to catch them. They will not come to you and they do not look at seek.com!


Businesses only tend to go fishing when either someone leaves their company or they win a project. When you’re under time pressure to catch something remarkable while fishing, you settle for bottom feeders.


So, how might you avoid this and reel in a prized catch?

First of all, you can start by dedicating more TIME to hiring the right person. We get it; you’re a busy person but ask yourself, what difference would it make to the business if you had a true A-Player in your midst? Number 1 it would make your job easier! So, delegate responsibilities among other team members and book regular achievable times in your calendar that are dedicated specifically to recruitment.

Secondly, you can seek EXPERT advice, whether it is through a Recruitment service, like ours, your established network or getting a trial of LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn can provide many recruitment resources including the ability to run a campaign & target the ideal candidate or other info like how to write your Job Descriptions or typical interviews questions.

Finally, be PROACTIVE, identify key roles within your organisation, and make sure you have a backup plan for if a person in one of those roles were to leave. A good way is to leave your fishing net out via a careers page on your website, and have multiple Expression of Interest jobs always open with your key roles. This will help you build up your database of potential candidates to fill any roles that may become vacant in the future.

These are a small array of tips you can use to ensure a better catch next time you take the boat out.

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