Digital Profile Workshop

26 October 2016

Digital Profile Workshop


Brisbane Digital Profile Workshops
Limited Spaces

Talent Blueprint is proud to team up with Digital Conversations to present a series of workshops in Brisbane that will educate you on the modern secrets to standing OUT from the crowd by creating a digital profile that will help you land the perfect job.


Please click here to unlock the secrets to securing your dream job in 2017 . Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.


The Resume is Dead.

The rules have changed and SO MUST YOU

Who has recently tried the traditional job hunting process?
FRUSTRATION is the first emotion followed by a range of other words we can’t repeat here…
With hundreds of generic resumes all being sent for the same role, how is it humanly possible to stand out from the crowd?  Job hunters in 2016 can no longer play by the same rules and expect to land their dream job. The resume is dead but your job opportunities are alive and well – if you know the secrets.


What these workshops will teach you

  • We will work with you LIVE to create a top notch LinkedIn profile
  • Provide you practical steps on promoting your brand – YOU
  • Assist you in bringing together the key pieces of the digital footprint puzzle
  • Educate you on what to avoid in the new recruitment paradigm







Can’t Make It This Time?

The workshop will teach you skills you will have for life and is well worth the 3 hours of your time.  But we do understand people are busy or have prior commitments. If you cannot make it to the workshop you can get started on the process yourself or get us to do it for you!

Create your own digital profile

Let us create your digital profile