11 October 2016

Why our clients love working with Talent Blueprint

Since starting the Talent Blueprint “partnership” model (where we charge an hourly rate for recruitment services as opposed to the big lump sum percentage of salary) I have noticed some amazing results for our clients.

Post the mining/gas boom the engineering and construction sector have been on a lean diet and this diet has seen a trim up on the org charts, especially around what you would term as non-billing overheads E.g. Sales staff, marketing, IT, payroll, HR and internal recruiters have all exited stage left.

To be competitive the modern engineering and construction firm need agility, efficiency and cost savings. This is what they get from working with Talent Blueprint via the partnership model. If we can deliver far superior value at a lower cost than our partners can achieve internally, a lifelong win-win relationship begins.

The results I have noticed…..

  1. Clients have no permanent fixed overheads for recruitment. We are engaged as an extension to their business on demand. We have all the modern recruitment tools and industry knowledge on tap. Turn it on, Turn it off.
  2. Clients develop ready-made talent pools to tap into when required. There is no starting from scratch every time you recruit. If we get 3 or 4 suitable candidates for a role, then these will be the starting point for similar roles in the future.
  3. We sell your company like we are part of it. With passion. A lot of agency recruiters will hold back the name of your company out of fear that the candidate will go around them and the recruiter will get zero commission. While there are times when withholding the company name may be valid, in general it is complete nonsense. When dealing with top talent they want to know who the organisation is from the start. This is not just another job for them.
  4. Our clients stop getting a flow of irrelevant candidates. There are deep searches taking place and candidates delivered on target and to the specification. We are here to deliver quality, value & results, not waste your time line manager’s time.


Michael Berger is the Director of Talent Blueprint, a Brisbane consultancy focused on partnering with clients to provide a true competitive advantage through talent acquisition that does not cost the earth. Contact Michael Berger at Talent Blueprint on 0438 444 919 or +61 7 3172 7726.

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