21 August 2016

The World Has Gone Civil

Industry News.

Quite simply, it’s all gone Civil. The civil market dominates the east coast engineering sector at the moment.

Across QLD Civil Engineers with highways, TMR road experience and subdivision development experience are in high demand. 12D Designers are also in short supply.

The problem for QLD is that the same demand is mirrored in NSW and Victoria but at 5 X the level of demand we are experiencing locally. There is more money on offer in the Southern states so those

with flexibility are either relocating or doing the monday to friday thing and coming to QLD for the weekend family time.  

Structural Engineers are also not far behind their civil cousins with bridge work, civil refurbs and general residential.

The other big noise I am getting wind of is in the NT. Something like $8 bill of defence spend in the foreseeable future – time for the top end anyone?!