20 June 2016

Skills in need – South East QLD

The South East QLD market continues to see strong growth in the residential construction market, commercial projects and a large number of  building refurbishments.

Several large infrastructure projects like the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade are now gathering steam while the Gold Coast has many major projects underway or upcoming. e.g. 2nd phase of the Gold Coast light rail.

The top positions in demand across engineering and construction would be civil projects engineers, Contracts Administrators, Site Managers, Project Managers (commercial) and Finishes Forepersons.

In terms of a national focus, QLD sits in third place behind Victoria and NSW who share a whopping 70% of the available job market in the construction sector alone. NSW  has over 40% of the available roles across the country and this poses a massive threat to QLD.  Just like the mining boom sucked talent north of the border the so called infrastructure boom in NSW could do the same in reverse.